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    Industry Resinjam working since 2003 year. Activity of company is in the field of water-based resins such as homopolymers and copolymers of vinyl acetate has begun. The company produces all kinds of PVA resins including homopolymers and copolymer of vinyl acetate and its derivatives are among the top producers in the country.
    Of our products as raw materials in the textile industry (sizing and finishing the car rugs, carpets and curtains, vertical) building (elastic plaster, masonry, concrete work, building pads, structural paste adhesive, glue ceramic tile) package, paint, gluing (glue stick for general consumption) is used.
    Our products range from R & D work and hardworking wife with customer needs, constantly expanding.
    its customers.
    Our products can be very high adhesion properties, water resistance and stability and resistance special mention.
    Storage of these products at temperatures between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius.
    We produce:

    1. polyvinyl acetate resins.
    2. vinyl acetate copolymer
    3. water base
    4. formalin
    5. antifoaming

    Introducing a sample of new products:
    To prevent or eliminate the floor in a variety of colors, including blue base resin and glue – decorative plaster and building applications.
    Company established supplier of resins Cup Silicone antifoam the benefits of this product can be pointed to:

    1. Formulation of silicon is used only as an antifoaming agent, and no agent or hydrocarbon oil in it.
    2. Without any additives for odor and toxic oils and additives.

    Viscosity, strength and cohesion with ResinJam product

    Our suggestion to you is the viscosity, strength and cohesion with Resin Jam experience to feel the difference.

    We proud that we work with cooperating companies participated and completed the textile, construction, paint, paper and wood, tile and wood producers.

    Our main goal is to improve the quality and customer satisfaction.

    Our support team is ready to solve problems and guide client fast.