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    1. ect an appropriate glue for the materials to be joined. PVA is suitable of a wide variety of woods.
    2. Squeeze PVA glue onto the surface of both pieces of wood. If glue spills onto surfaces that do not require gluing, then remove it immediately with a damp
      The glue should be spread thinly.
    3. آموزش نحوه استفاده از pva

      آموزش نحوه استفاده از pva

      آموزش نحوه استفاده از pva2

      آموزش نحوه استفاده از pva2

    4. Clean up any spills with a damp cloth
    5.  Push the two pieces together, rubbing the surfaces from side to side. This will ensure that air is
    6. not trapped and that the glue has been spread evenly
    7. Use cramps such as G Cramps to lock the two pieces together. Leave for twenty four hours before removing the cramps.
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