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Pva water based white glue for wood 52

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Specifications :

Total Solids:40.0+/1.0%
pH: 4-5; Viscosity: 1000-6000mPa.s
Particle Size: 0.2um
MFFT: +16 degree; GTT: +28 dgree

Application & Usage:

Wood industry and ordinary usage

Packaging :

200kg drum card (double-lined plastic bags)

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Product Description

CAS No.: N/A Other Names: PVA520-RESINJAM MF: N/A
EINECS No.: N/A Place of Origin: IRAN Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
Purity: N/A Appearance: white emulsion Application: Wood industry and ordinary usage
Brand Name: RESINJAM Model Number: H-52 Glass Transition temp.: 28 degree
Min. film forming temp.: 16 degree Particle Size: 0.2-0.25um Viscosity 22 degree: 1000-6000mPa.s
pH: 4-5 Solid content: 40.0±1.0% Feature HARD film , high Viscosity

attention !!! becouse of same different  price for this product we  did not put price  in site please call to support center 

Directions for Use:

  • Wood moisture content should be controlled in the 8-15% too high or too low will affect the bonding quality.
  • Treatment of the substrate surface to be without oil, dust and other impurities on it.Adhesive surface must be fully exposed .
  • Coating should be uniform and appropriate.
  • Curing at room temperature or be heat cured. The maximum temperature should not exceed 120°C.The cure time varies due to temperature, that can be set according to actual situation.
  • The pressure should be sufficient and uniform. More than 1.5 hours should be pressurized. Relief landscapes after a period of time, to achieve better adhesion. It should be relief for 24 hours and then after 72 hours for testing.
  • Can be mixed with some resins such as urea-formaldehyde resin, melamine resin and phenolic resin to improve their own impatience water-based and creep.


  • If the substrate surface has oil, dirt and other impurities it will affect the bonding effect.Therefore, the substrate must be clean before the glue on the surface.
  • The ambient temperature of using this product should be above 10 °C.The product before curing should be maintained above 10 °C after the adhesive.Otherwise the latex film is not good due to the viscosity decrease, thus affect the quality of products.
  • Select appropriate viscosity of the latex based on equipment situations and  different substrate when using this product. Do not blindly pursue high viscosity latex.
  • Do not add water to use when using this product. Adding water in the latex will reduce the non-volatile matter content,extend the curing time,and reduce the storage stability. That lead to decreased latex adhesive strength. Thus affect the quality of products.
  • Be kept sealed after using this product to prevent latex surface crust from waste.


  • The product is water soluble polymer emulsion. It should be stored in airtight containers. Avoid direct loading in iron, aluminum, copper and other metal containers. Attention to frost and high temperature.
  • Normal storage temperature is 5-37 degrees. If the latex slightly cold, it should be placed within 30-40 degrees of greenhouse for full remission ,and then stir. That does not affect the use. If severe cold latex for a long time to be not relieved, and found that agglomeration, layering or emulsion breaking. Does not continue use.


  • The product is water soluble polymer emulsion. It is non-dangerous goods and portable transport.
  • Prevent crashing and inverted when loading and unloading to prevent fragmentation and loss.
  • Keep warm and avoid cold products in winter transport.


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